Friday, September 25, 2009

Buttercream Dreams 9/25/09

Last night was day 3 of my wilton cake decorating class. We are learning to make shapes and designs with buttercream. I started out with homemade yellow butter cupcakes, with chocolate chips. Very yummy. I had to taste a one right out of the oven!

The frosting was made using palm oil, powdered sugar, water, wilton's meringue, and food coloring. I try to stay away from trans fats, so this is a great alternative.

The class was so much fun! I learned how to make little bear faces, a baby face, grapes and clowns.

For the brown, I actually used cocoa powder. This worked great!

I've worked with buttercream before but this is the first time that I've taken any formal training. I really enjoyed it and our teacher is a sweetheart.

I loved this little design of a baby peeking out of a pram.

You know what they say- presentation is everything! So, if I really want to get good, I have to be able to make the cake beautiful as well as delicous!


  1. CUTE cupcakes, Rach! I wish I could've taken the class with you. I keep saying I'm going to take them but then chicken out.
    If you ever need someone to help you eat your "samples" I'm always available to help. ;)

  2. Hi Janey! I wish I had known I would have taken the class w/u! Anyway if you decide you want to do it Joanne is a great teacher! She is teaching at Hobby Lobby here in Georgetown. Here is her email if you are interested!
    Joanne Trcka-
    next month she is teaching class 1 again and it's 1/2 price!

  3. Lovely cupcakes, Rachel! The clown is my fave!