Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes

I love MOPS!  Mothers of Preschoolers that is.  I know, I know, my children are too old!  That's right!  I'm a Mentor Mom at MOPS.  I just love the ladies and the fellowship I find at MOPS.  We meet once a month at our church and take turns bringing the food.  It was my turn to bring food, so of course I could not resist trying a new recipe- Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes- a similar flavor to Mounds candy bars says Tish Boyle author of "The Cake Book".  What's not to like?  But just in case I made the Vanilla, Vanilla cupcakes for those who are not Chocolate lovers.  :)
I found out the lighting is dark at MOPS!  Who knew?  
Back to the cupcakes!  The chocolate cupcakes had a chocolate coconut batter, were topped with a chocolate coconut milk ganache, and sprinkled with dried flaked coconut.  Very rich and tasty!  The Vanilla, Vanilla cupcakes are the same recipe I have posted before - a keeper for sure!  This time I topped them with colored leaf sprinkles.  They were were very festive.
The Chocolate Coconut Cupcake- Yummy!  The rich chocolate ganache makes this cupcake!
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Blessings, Rachel


  1. I was waiting for a post about the chocolate cupcake! OMgoodness, by far THE best thing I've ever had the pleasure to eat! Awesome!

  2. Ms. W, You are too kind! Glad you liked 'em!