Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fairy Cake

I've been wanting to do a fairy cake and here was my opportunity.  A sweet little one year old birthday party. I do believe this is my favorite cake yet!  It had a lot of fun elements, and coordinating pieces.  I used the paper plates and napkins to get my inspiration.  If you want to see them here they are:

The cake is a simple white cake, and a Swiss Meringue frosting both from the Cake Book by Tish Boyle, filled with a Bavarian Cream filling -from The Cake Bible by Rose Beranbaum, and topped with my homemade Fondant. I used a 10" for the bottom tier, and 8" for the top tier.

Here is the little coordinating 4" smash cake for the birthday girl.   For her cake I also used the same white cake but I used the Billy Vanillie Buttercream under the fondant, and no filling for that sweet little one.  

I also made some cupcakes to go with the cake.  These were fun!  These were also white cake and the Billy Vanille Buttercream.  My daughters helped me make the fondant flowers for the top of the cupcakes.

My sister in law came to my aid in helping me make the little fairies.  We had so much fun assembling them and making all the little pieces to create them.

Our red head fairy.

The Princess Fairy on the top.  She actually has a crown but I was so tired when I took these pictures I missed the crown.  I put luster dust on the flowers, stars and fairies.  

Here is the back of the cake.  You can also see part of the top of the cake.  My husband even helped roll the fondant balls.  He is so sweet!  I just loved the way it came out!   So girlie and fun!  
I want to thank everyone for their help!  Janey thanks for hanging out and coloring the fondant with me.  :)

Have a great week!  Blessings, Rachel


  1. Rachel, that turned out fantastic! It looks so wonderful! You did a beautiful job! Had fun helping with the fairies although, had I known there were fondant balls to roll, I might have opted for that instead, that looks way easier! :D xoxo

  2. Rachel, that is by far my favorite too! I love it! Wow, very impressive!!

  3. Turned out SO cute!!!!!! :)

    I had fun and learned a lot too! I seriously can't wait to do it again!

  4. Rachel you are extremely talented! I would like to send you some liners and invite you to be a guest bloggger on my site =o) lyndsay[at]acupcakery[dot]com Have a great evening and thanks for your prayers on my Macarons!

  5. wow, this cake is gorgeous and you are incredibly talented!! i am actually making a girl's 1st birthday cake for this weekend but I am torn on whether to cover the entire cake in fondant, or to cover it in buttercream and just accent in fondant. This cake is stunning!! you should be VERY proud!

  6. Thanks everyone!! You are all so kind! :)

    Lyns, I sent you an email!!
    Lauren, I loved your fire truck cake, so cute!

  7. rachel, you are soooo talented! oh my goodness! i LOVE the fairy cake. it looks perfect for a 1 yr old 'princess'!! i found your blog thru a blog of a blog! cant wait to read more and see more talented work! hugs, ~t