Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pony Birthday Cake for Courtney!

My friend Carrie sent me a picture of the cutest cake and asked if I could make a similar one, for her daughter Courtney.  What a fun cake!  We love MLP at our house.  :)  She wanted a 10" Sweet Strawberry Cake with a Strawberry Filling and Strawberry Buttercream.  
Perfect for someone turning 6!  

Carrie picked up the Ponies she wanted to use on the cake and delivered them to my house.  I delivered the cake to her party and assembled it on location.  I was too worried about traveling with all those pieces sticking out!  Unfortunately, we did have a casualty with a crack in the rainbow as I placed it in the cake.  Some tape and cloud cover, all is well.  Carrie was very gracious about the whole thing!!  Thank you Carrie!!

I added fun edible sparkles to the stars, and a pearl dust to the clouds.  Ponies love bling!  :) 

Complete with a water fall of course!

Happy 6th Birthday Courtney!!