Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lauren's Cupcakes

My good friend's daughter, Lauren, just turned 6 and she wanted vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for her birthday party.  Her birthday is just one day before Valentine's Day.  She had Valentines theme this year.  It was so cute!  I made the Devil's Food Chocolate Cake from Tish Boyle and Billy's Vanilla cupcakes.  All cupcakes were frosted with Billy's Vanilla Buttercream.  

Purple, pink and white cupcakes are decorated with pink and purple fondant hearts.

For Lauren I made a L on a special cupcake just for her.
Below is my new cupcake tree (a present from my step-mom).  It's so cute, and it worked perfectly for these cupcakes!

I put the L cupcake on the top of the tree.  I made so many cupcakes we had to put the extras on a platter.  You really can never have too many.  ;)

A close up of the cupcake tree.  
Happy Birthday Lauren, you are so precious to us!!  We love you!!  
Blessings, Rachel

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