Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lemon Lust Cake w/fresh blueberries

It's been a busy week of baking.  I made a Lemon Lust Cake from The Cake Book by Tish Boyle for my sister's boyfriend Wade.  Happy 42nd birthday!

It is a 4 layer 9" cake, each layer has lemon sugar syrup, a creamy lemon filling made from Lemon Curd, and then the outside is covered in a Lemon Curd Buttercream frosting.  It is lemonly goodness.  I topped it with a few fresh blueberries.  If you like lemon cake this is a keeper recipe.  I also made a few cupcakes from the same recipe, as listed in the previous post Hippo Cookies and Lemon Cupcakes.

I've made this cake before and covered it with fondant.  Click on the following link if you want to see the other cake, and the cupcake recipe by Tish Boyle, Lemon Birthday Cake for Bryce.  I thought it would be fun to show you the different looks this cake can have.  Hope you are having a great weekend!  I'll see you soon as I've got more baking to do!

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