Thursday, June 16, 2011

Double Swim Birthday Extravaganza!!!

My sweet girls are June babies and we had a big fun swim party to celebrate their birthdays!  I went all out for this fun party.  Not without help though!  My dear friend Mrs. W, made the cutest designs for both girls.  She made a Dolphin design for my oldest and Mermaid design for my youngest. 
My girls and I had fun crafting away with the designs!

First of all we made bottle cap necklaces for each guest, some with the mermaid design and some with the dolphin design.  I placed them on a black pan and set them in a stand for each girl to select their necklace at the party.

Then I made tote bags for each guest.  For the older girls I monogrammed their initial on cute polka-dotted fabric and then sewed it on the tote.  For the guests of my younger daughter, I had the mermaid digitized by my friend Elsa (who does an amazing job!!)  and sewed that and their names on the bags.  I embellished the mermaid totes with a little ribbon.  

Mrs. W designed water bottle labels and thank you cards to match the invites.  My girls glued them on the bottles.  We included these in the tote bags.  That way each child had a drink for the ride home!  

Oh, isn't this a cake blog?  :)  Here are my cakes!  We had a Mermaid cake for my youngest.  I decorated the top with chocolate rocks, yummy and very rock like!!  I also made cute sea creatures out of fondant to sit in the waves.  The mermaid cake was a swirl chocolate vanilla cake from the Cake Book, topped with Billy Vanillie Buttercream.  Unfortunately, the cake was a bit dry, and that is the first time I've had trouble with one of her recipes.  :(     

  Here is the back of the cake showing our cute little octopus.  It was so hot here, close to 100 degrees, that the cake was beginning to melt!   I only use real butter, and when it gets that warm you better eat it quick!!  

My other daughters cake the Dolphin cake was a Deeply Dark Devils Food Cake also from the Cake Book with the Billy's Vanille Buttercream.   This cake was deliciously moist and very chocolaty!  Yumm!

 The poor cake was melting in the heat, but it was so good!!

Happy Birthday my sweet darlings, I love you!!!


  1. Beautiful cakes Rachel!! Your daughters must be so happy and proud to have such wonderful summer cakes. I love the totes and chocolate rocks.

    Hugs from DR

  2. Thank you Mari! Hugs back! Blessings, Rachel